2014 Event Schedule | Miniature Rodeo Association
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Tuff-N-Nuff Miniature Rodeo Association
2014 Schedule

Call Ins  Johnny @ 515-571-6922 from  5:00 to 9:00 P.M the Monday evening before the event.

April 2014

April 11th                          Fort Dodge, IA @ 7:30pm Limited entry only  3 wild pony races

April 12th                         Fort Dodge, IA @ 7:30 pm Limited entry only (will run slack at 1pm) 3 wild pony races

April 26th                 Dayton, IA @ 7pm

April 27th                 Dayton, IA @ 10am

May 2014

May 10th                        Dayton, IA @ 7:00pm


May 17th                Dayton, IA @7:00pm

May 18th                Dayton Youth Rodeo @ 10:00am (Not a TMRA sanction event)

May 25th                       Dayton, IA @ 10:00am

May 25th                       Dayton, IA @ 7:00pm

May 26th                       Dayton, IA @ 10:00am Memorial Day

May 31st                Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm & 7:00pm

June 2014

June 1st                  Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm

June 7th                         Montecello, IL IJRA members only

June 8th                         Montecello, IL IJRA members only

June 14th               Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm & 7:00pm


July 2014

July 2-5                 Leon, IA

July 18th                        Sibley, IA

July 19th                        Waukon, IA 

August 2014

August 1st                     Moville, IA (Wild Ponies Only)

August 2-3            Delavin, IL IJRA members only

August 15th                 Dayton, IA @ 7:00pm

August 16th                 Dayton, IA @ 10:00am

August 17th                 Dayton, IA @ 10:00am


September 2014

September 6th            Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm

September 6th            Dayton, IA @ 7:00pm

September 7th            Dayton, IA @ 10:00am

September 20th         Dayton Youth Rodeo @ 10:00 (Not a TMRA sanction event)

September 20th         Dayton, IA @ 7:00pm

September 21st       Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm

September 27th     FINALS Fort Dodge, IA

September 28th     FINALS Fort Dodge, IA


October 2014

October 11th           Dayton, IA @ 1:00pm & & 7:00pm

October 12th           Dayton, IA @ 10:00am


All dates are subject to change.


Past Events of the 2014 season

September 2013

Bulls, Barrels & Wild Pony Races

Saturday 7th:         Dayton IA 7:00 P.M.      Call Ins~  Tuesday Sept 3rd

Sunday 8th:           Dayton IA  10:00 A.M    Call Ins~ Tuesday Sept 3rd

Saturday 21st:        Dayton IA 1:00 & 7:00 P.M.   Call Ins ~ Monday Sept 16th


November 2013

Saturday 2nd:  Leon, IA 1:00P.M.  BULLS ONLY  Call Ins ~ Monday Oct. 28th 5-9PM


There will be more dates to come. The 2014 season may be a record breaker so keep checking on the schedule it may change as often as daily!!!

To book a TMRA event contact Johnny Hopkins 515-571-6922

No events
We are seeking sponsorships for our events. We offer different levels of sponsorship. Click Here Now to find out how you can get involved to support our upcoming youth bullriders!